Happy Holidays! It’s a real winter out there this year! And if you’re not excited about that, then at least today is the Solstice and the days will be getting longer from here on out.

We wanted to thank you all again for supporting us this year. It was a really enjoyable and productive season for our farm, and the amount of community support was very humbling. However, this is farming, and even in good years, there are always some issues. And one big issue that we have been noticing on our end is that our yellow storage onions, which looked so great this season at harvest, have been going bad and molding much faster than they should. My guess is that this is due to the high humidity that came with our record October rains, at a time when the onions needed to be drying down and curing. We’ve heard back from a few customers that they have noticed the same issues with our onions that we have noticed.

Our farm has always focused on quality as one of our highest priorities, so we’re bummed that our onions are not living up to that standard. And we don’t expect you to pay the price for that. So, if you bought yellow storage onions from us at the end of the season, either at market or at the stock up sale event we held at the farm, and those onions did not hold up as expected, we are offering you either a refund or a credit towards next year’s CSA. And this offer is open to any customer, not just CSA members. While the onions were sold to you in good faith, we realize they are not meeting customer expectations, so please let us know if you’ve experienced issues, and what quantity you bought. Also, please don’t respond to this group email, because we cant receive email that way. Rather, send us a new email to info@twobearfarm.com

Thanks again for such a great season, enjoy the holidays, and stay warm out there!

Todd and Rebecca

Two Bear Farm