Full Shares:  Spinach, Salad Mix, Braising mix, Carrots, Spring Onions, Baby Bok Choy, and Rainbow Chard

Partial Shares:  Salad Mix, Carrots, Beets, Spring Onions, and Rainbow Chard

Hello CSA Members,

As I sit here at 7pm writing this (which is really early for me compared to most weeks), its still 82 degrees outside.  After such a wet start to the season, the heat and dryness for the past 5 weeks have been relentless.  I know other farmer friends in Missoula and Bozeman who have both experienced hail and frost in the past week, so I shouldn’t be complaining, but for a summer that was forecasted to be wet, it sure is dry!  We’ve been irrigating every day, but with all the wind and heat, the soil doesn’t seem to hold any moisture like it does after a rain.  And I hear rain is in the forecast (finally!) for tomorrow.  Let’s hope!

I’m happy to report that the much anticipated carrots are making their debut this week!  We really set the bar high for ourselves last season when we had early carrots, and I’m still pondering if that was a smart move or not 🙂  I know you are all waiting for the super sweet and crunchy Two Bear Carrot that you all love, but just keep in mind that carrots get sweeter with time and cold nights.  Don’t judge these youngsters against their fall counterparts….there are still a delicious carrot in their own right.  Full shares received beets last week, so partial shares will be seeing them this week.  Once we figure out how to fit the bunches in the partial share CSA box.

So I assume no one wants a recipe for carrots.  So, how about the Swiss Chard?  We have really been encouraging people to think differently about their greens, and using them as “wraps” is a common theme.  We have found that collards make an excellent wrap material, as does swiss chard.  Check out this recipe.  We’ve also tried a new variety of salad mix this week, which is much faster for us the harvest, so we’d be interested to get your feedback on what you think of it.

One important note for Whitefish.  BNSF is enforcing a new parking policy starting this week that will limit access to their lot by the train station.  So, please park in the normal town/market parking areas when you come to get your share.  If you are one of those members who likes to double park in that lot and run to just get your share, I have a feeling you will not be able to do so any longer.  Just a heads up.

Well, we’re 5 weeks into the CSA, and I hope you are all enjoying the experience.  Thanks again for supporting local agriculture, and we’ll see you at distribution.

Note* There may be some changes to shares later in the week such as kale instead of chard…but everyone will get carrots!!!!


Todd and the Two Bear Farm Team