Why Local and Organic?


Locally grown organic foods are becoming more and more popular these days, and for good reason. As people begin to understand the health and environmental effects of highly processed foods and industrial scale agriculture, they are demanding a healthier and more sustainable food system. Local organic farming is a movement focused on returning to a form of food production that benefits the customer, the farmer, the land, and the community.  The produce is often picked within a day, if not the same day, that you buy it, so it is as fresh as possible.  Also, by removing the middleman, the farmer receives a fair income and the customer receives a fair price.  In terms of health, more and more information is coming to light regarding the hazardous and toxic chemicals that are applied to produce by conventional growers.  While massive public relation campaigns try to downplay this risk, common sense should tell you that putting poisons on your food is a bad idea.  In addition, supporting local organic farms:  helps to maintain working farms in your community; lets you see how your food is grown and allows you to get you know your farmer personally;  reduces the use of fossil fuels used in production and shipping;  improves the soil and protects the consumer, the farmer, and the larger ecosystem by not using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides; and it helps to rebuild a lost component of the local economy.  To put it simply, eating locally and organically is good for you!

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