Introducing the new Two Bear Farm “Bear Bucks” gift card.  This is a prepaid electronic “card” (which means there is no physical card, just an account), that allows you the opportunity to invest in our farm without buying a partial CSA share.  We see it as a great compromise for folks who want more flexibility than a traditional CSA offers, yet still receive the benefits of being a CSA member.

How does it work?  You sign up for Bear Bucks online by following this link. You pay in $100 dollar increments and receive 10% off.  When Farmer’s Market season begins you would simply shop at our market stand and tell us your name at checkout, and we would deduct your total from your balance.  Easy and simple.   The big benefit is that you get to select what you want each week, rather than us packing your CSA share for you.  Want two bags of salad mix…great!  Don’t want the eggplant…fine!  Want 6 head of bok choy….well, let’s not get crazy!  And you also have the flexibility of not showing up on any given week, with no need to request a CSA hold or double box.  And if you have friends in town, you can buy as much food as you want that week….there is no limit on a weekly basis other than your remaining balance.   This option is only available at the three farmers markets in Whitefish, Kalispell and Columbia Falls, and cannot be used in Glacier or at the Farm CS . You will be able to use your Bear bucks at the final stock up sale at the farm and for late fall markets at the farm.  We see it as a great compromise for someone who still wants to invest in our farm yet still get the member discount as well as some flexibility. Also a great gift! Cards will only be good for 1 year.