Glacier F.E.A.S.T Farm Dinner

Aug 17
Glacier F.E.A.S.T. Farm Dinner at Two Bear Farm
“Join Us At The Table!”


Join us for the launch of our non-profit collective, celebrating our valley’s sustainable agriculture and envisioning a path to expand it.

Special Guest and Speaker: Bob Quinn – Montana organic farming pioneer, scientist, entrepreneur, storyteller and author of the book
 Grain By Grain.

About this Event
Join Us At The Table!” Farm Dinner is the launch of Glacier F.E.A.S.T. (“Farmers and Eaters Advocating Sustainability Together”), a new Flathead Valley non-profit collective, committed to expanding our local food growing economy into a thriving community-based system that is values-based and enhances the community’s economic, nutritional, social and environmental health. Recognizing that a fully-functioning system includes everyone (if you eat, you’re in!), Glacier F.E.A.S.T. seeks to build awareness while identifying and filling gaps in the system by bringing folks to the table from all parts of the local food system, including: producers, processors, distributors, consumers, and recycling/recovery. 

Evening Program
5PM – Two Bear Farm Tour (optional)
5:45 PM – Appetizers, drinks and dinner

The Meal
Prepared by Chef Chis Dimaio (Three Forks Grille) and Chef Toni Traina (Fork in the Road Eats) from sustainably grown Montana ingredients, the menu will celebrate our valley’s sustainable agriculture efforts

Guest Speaker
Accomplished story teller Bob Quinn will share his insights on what it takes to build a thriving community food system based on his efforts to do just that in his hometown of Big Sandy.

What To Bring
As the sun goes down, the evening is likely to cool, so bring along something warm to wear, as we’ll be eating outside.

Glacier F.E.A.S.T. is a project of Farm Hands Nourish.  Got questions/need more details?: