We have completed all hiring for 2019!! 

General Description: Are you interested in human health and nutrition, small-scale agriculture, local economies, or land stewardship and conservation?   Maybe you enjoy working outdoors in a beautiful setting  doing meaningful and rewarding work?  Perhaps you would be a great part of the Two Bear Farm team!   Two Bear Farm sits on 100 acres along the Stillwater River just west of Whitefish. We have 13 acres in Certified Organic vegetables, as well as 50 acres of small grains, hay, and crops we grow for compost.  Check out this YouTube video for an overview. We are a production farm that serves 250 CSA members, 3 weekly farmers markets, a local distributor, and a handful of wholesale accounts. Farm infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art propagation greenhouse and packing building, as well as 5 high tunnels and an equipment/shop building. We are surrounded by state and forest service land, have a river in the back yard, and Glacier National Park is only 40 minutes away.

We are hiring 5 Full-time seasonal positions for 2019.  There is some opportunity for part-time work as well. 

Field crew positions (4):   April 1st, 2018 through October 15th, 2018 (We need one person on April 1st, but others may start later)
Pack House Manager position (1):  May 1st, 2018 through October 15th, 2018.

Field Crew job description:   Two Bear Farm is a successful and respected farm in the Flathead valley that is known for quality and customer service.  Business is booming, and we need productive workers to help us keep up!  We are looking for applicants who have a passion for local/organic food, are self-motivated, hard-working, can learn quickly, and have a positive attitude.  We have invested in many systems and equipment over the years to make our farm more efficient and to take away the back breaking jobs.  Primarily, your job is to keep a strong pace and attention to detail as you work within each system of our farm.   While it might seem fast paced, it isn’t hard labor.   We try to keep things enjoyable, educational, meaningful, low drama. You will be part of a team of 2 farmers/owners and 5-6 field crew members.  Prior farm experience is preferred, but not required.   Ideally, an applicant has previous experience with manual labor or team sports so that you are familiar with pushing yourself to be successful and goal oriented.   While we all work together on all aspects of the farm, there are definitely opportunities for you to specialize in areas where you might have experience or prove yourself proficient, such as high tunnel production, greenhouse production, weeding and cultivating, or washing and packing vegetables.   If you are an experienced farm worker, we are happy to discuss specialization if it’s important to you.  

Early season will begin with greenhouse production and field planting, and will shift to planting, weeding, irrigation, harvest, and post-harvest handling during the main season.  Each day during peak season, mornings are spent harvesting, while afternoons are split between washing/packing for some crew members, and field work (planting/weeding/irrigation) for other crew members.   Field Crew position is mostly an outdoor job, so applicant must be comfortable working productively in a variety of Montana seasons and weather conditions.   Team members work between 40 and 50 hours per week, with weekends off.  Pay starts at $9 or $10 per hour based on experience with overtime paid at same rate, and pay will increase based on performance. We have found over the years that using pay raises as an incentive helps keep the team motivated and morale high.   Workers who push themselves to improve, have good skills, or take on extra responsibility will be recognized and can earn upwards of $14/hr.  We feel this is the most equitable way to address productivity differences between crew members, and it seems to keep the peace and morale high amongst team members.  

Pack House Manager job description:  Applicant will be in charge of operating our beautiful new pack house.  This is an indoor job in a climate controlled setting.  Primary responsibility will be receiving harvested crops from the field crew each morning, and then washing and packaging produce for CSA boxes, wholesale deliveries, and farmer’s market.  Some days the manager will be working alone, while other days the manager will have the assistance of field crew members.  Position requires attention to detail, understanding of food safety practices, and self-motivation to meet daily deadlines.  Applicant must be content being indoors doing routine tasks, although the presence of music and heat helps! This position requires 40-50 hours per week, with weekends off.  Pay is $10 per hour with overtime paid at same rate.  Manager reports directly to farmer owners.  

Housing:  Given the difficulty of finding affordable housing in Whitefish, we offer employee housing on the farm if needed.  We have three nice cabins that were previously used for daily vacation rentals.  Each cabin houses two employees.  The cabins have 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a kitchen, and a living room.   The cabins are within easy walking distance to the farm buildings, but also far enough away to provide privacy.  Rent is $350 per month per person ($700 per cabin).  No pets preferred.  

Preferred method Of Contact: Please email resume and cover letter to 2bearfarm@gmail.com, preferably before January, 15th, 2019.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

We will not be hosting our volunteer days on Friday this year.  Although super fun, hosting volunteers can be tough to coordinate with our hectic summer schedule and minimal staffing at the farm.  We occasionally offer volunteer opportunities, such as garlic scape popping and weeding, and we will keep you posted via Facebook and Instagram. Thanks so much for your interest!!!

Visitor Policy:

Given our heavy workload and limited personnel, we can not accept visitors or volunteers at random or unannounced times.  Farming is production work, and random visits are a huge distraction for us that often force us to work extra hours to make up for the lost production time.  If you want to visit the farm, please contact us first to set up a time.    If you show up randomly on other days, you will not receive the attention you deserve.  We look forward to visiting with you!


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