We are finished hiring for the 2022 Season.  Please check back in December for 2023!

We are seeking motivated people with farming experience to join our team this season!  We grow a lot of food for our vibrant community on this farm, we have great relationship and reputation amongst our community, and our field crew positions give you an excellent chance to experience this type of relationship, while learning all of our systems and all the factors that go into running a successful farm.  Applicants with a desire to one day become farmers are preferred.

General Description: Two Bear Farm sits on 65 acres along the Stillwater River just west of Whitefish. We have a 14-acre production field where we use minimum tillage practices, as well as 6 high tunnels in organic no-till production. We are a production farm that serves 250 CSA members, 2 farmers markets, and 34 wholesale accounts in collaboration with Wicked Good Produce. In 2021, we also opened The Farmers’ Stand, which is a retail food market in Whitefish.   Our farm is focused on getting fresh, organic, nutrient-dense food into our community, while also being good land/soil stewards.  We have a reputation for high quality and strong demand for our produce, and while that makes for high expectations of the farm and employees, it also makes for a satisfying and rewarding job.  We are constantly seeking ways to improve our farming and while our employees are not apprentices, we hope that working here is an educational experience that prepares you for possible farming careers of your own.  We work hard during the work day, but we try to limit our days to 9 hours, and peak summer hours don’t exceed 50 hours per week so that employees can have a work/life balance.   We are surrounded by state and forest service land, have a river in the back yard, and Glacier National Park is only 40 minutes away, so there is plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities on your time off.

Positions Available:

General Field Crew – $15/hr. – Team members contributes to all aspects of the farm.  Tasks include greenhouse work, bed preparation, weeding, irrigation, harvest, post-harvest handling, CSA share packing and distribution, and Farmer’s Market sales.   Field crew members report to the Field Crew Manager.  Prior vegetable farming experience is preferred.  Job requires strong work ethic, attention to detail, team mentality, and a passion for working outdoors. This is a diverse and fast paced position that allows you to learn about all aspects of running a successful small farm.  4 positions open

 Wash/Pack Manager – $16/hr – This position performs all the tasks associated with being a general field crew member, but with the added responsibility of managing our packshed operation.  Priority will be on managing and supervising the vegetable washing, bagging, and cooler management in our packshed.  This position is also responsible for the washing of all of our cut greens (salad, spinach, and arugula) in our “bubbler” each week.  Good organizational skills, time management, and people training/management skills are helpful.  Requires knowledge of food safety rules, and the ability to train and supervise other farm employees working in the packshed, while also accomplishing your own work tasks.  During CSA season, 30-40% of time is spent outdoors primarily on harvest tasks in the mornings, and 60-70% of time will be spent in packshed washing, packing, and loading produce for delivery.  During early and late parts of season, when the 18 week CSA is not happening, position will predominantly be general field crew tasks.  Position reports to Todd (owner/farmer). 1 position open.

Field Crew Manager – $17/hr – Position Filled.

CSA Manager – $16/hr – Position performs all the tasks associated with being a general field crew member, while also managing communications with CSA members via email, working with CSAware to manage CSA memberships and payment, printing daily CSA lists, and organizing and directing CSA share packing and distribution.  Strong communication and organizational skill required, as well as attention to detail.  Position reports to Todd (owner/farmer).  Estimated 80- 90% of time will be spent doing general farm crew tasks, and 10-20% of time will be spent on CSA management. 1 position open.

Greenhouse Manager – $16/hr – Position performs all the tasks of a general field crew member, while also taking responsibility for seeding, watering, transplanting, and temperature monitoring in our large propagation house and 6 high tunnels.  Manager will also keep greenhouse organized and manage the field transplanting process.  Position reports to Rebecca (owner/farmer).  The bulk of Greenhouse duties will be front loaded towards the beginning of the season (April through mid-June), with smaller seedings throughout the remainder of season.  1 position open.

Employment Duration:   Management positions run from April 15th until October 15th or so.  Some general field crew positions could potentially start in May and end in August to accommodate school schedules.

App Deadline: Application process opens on December 8th.  Positions will be filled as suitable candidates are found.  We recommend submitting resume and cover letters to 2bearfarm@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Minimum Length of Stay: Entire Season (April 15th until mid- to late- October.  Some general field positions could be filled by students who need a shorter May-August commitment.

Housing:  We have three cabins available for rent on a neighboring property, which allows plenty of privacy while still being just a 5 minute walk to the farm. Each cabin has 2 bedrooms, with a shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room and can accommodate from 2 to 4 people.  Because the farm has 8-10 employees, and only housing for 6, accommodating couples where only one person works on the farm is difficult (although it depends on the season).  Single employees are easiest to house (2 per cabin).  Couples are slightly more challenging to house due to privacy and space concerns, so we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but there are no guarantees on number of roommates.  No pets preferred.  Employees are welcome to seek out their own housing in Whitefish (10 minute drive), although current pricing and lack of availability makes this option difficult, but not impossible.

Meals:  While we may get together for some celebratory meals once in a while, on a day to day basis, employees are responsible for all their own meals.  We typically take a 45 minute non-paid lunch every day.  Employees who live in on-farm cabins return to their cabins for meals.  Employees living off farm need to bring their lunch with them as there is not time to drive to town to get meals.  That said, we will provide all employees with free produce throughout the season.

Skills Desired: This position is a long duration, intensive apprenticeship that is best suited to those that are passionate about production-style farming, or seriously considering becoming farmers in the near future. While no farming experience is required, applicants must show previous experience and desire to do hard physical work (trail crew, landscaping, athletics, etc.). We have high expectations of ourselves, our farm, and our products, and this tranfers down to our apprentices. We will do our best to give you a complete education, but you must be committed to giving it your best effort and focus. A strong desire to learn will maximize your enjoyment of this internsip, and we expect you to be a good representative of the farm, which includes a clean appearance and professional attitude.

Educational Opportunities: The internship will cover all aspects of small-scale vegetable growing in cold climates. In addition to the hands-on topics mentioned above, we will do monthly presentations to discuss farm finance and accounting, farm planning, seed purchasing, and other relevant topics. In addition to the presentations, apprentices will work side by side with the farmers every day, so there will be ample time for discussion and asking questions. as well as some assigned reading to help with discussion. We are entering our 8th season as a farm, so we have a unique perspective of showing you what it’s like to start a farm from scratch, the growing pains involved, while also being successful and well-established enough to now be the largest farm in the community. We try to emphasize working smarter rather than harder, so we use various mechanical cultivation tools (cub tractors, basket weeders, flame weeders) to try to improve effiency. That said, some tasks (picking peas and green beans) are notoriously tedious and unavoidable. Early season is a quieter time focused on planting and farm preparation, when weather and wet soil mess with the schedule. This is followed by the peak 21 week CSA season, when you can expect to work at least 50 hours a week, with two days off on most weeks. This apprenticeship is very much a marathon, not a sprint, so applicants must be committed to completing the field season and remaining focused on the work at hand over the duration of the apprenticeship. We live in a beautiful area, and encourage those who enjoy hiking/biking/fishing/paddling to get out and enjoy the landscape on their days off. We believe the best candidates for our farm are those that are seriously considering starting a farm in the near future, rather than those seeking to “test the waters” or have a fun, laid back experience for the summer.

Stipend: Stipend includes nice housing, in-depth education, vegetables, and pay starting at $600/mo per person, with the ability to earn $800/mo. based on performance and proficiency.

Housing: You may have to work hard here, but you’ll get some of the nicest farm housing around. We have multiple new cabins available on the property, including some very nice ones that were part of a guest ranch next door. These cabins are fully contained with kitchen facilities.


Preferred method Of Contact: email

Internship Details: We are looking for hardworking individuals with a good work ethic, a passion for growing food, and a desire to learn all phases of intensive production of vegetables (i.e. this is more of a production farm than a homestead or garden). This includes greenhouse management, high tunnel production, tillage, planting, irrigation, weed management, harvest, post-harvest processing, sales and distribution, as well as cover crop strategies and season extension techniques. Interns will work side-by-side with farmers every day to learn all aspects of operating a farm. We grow/sell a lot of food with a limited number of people, so while the work will hopefully be rewarding and enjoyable, it will not be easy. The best applicants are self -motivated, hard working individuals with a passion to learn and a mature/professional attitude. It is preferable that Applicants have some exposure to farming and understand the demanding nature of this type of work with the desire to become farmers as an occupation.
If you are interested in applying please send your resumes with references to info@twobearfarm.com.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

We will be hosting Volunteer Days every Friday from 1pm to 5pm starting June 15th until the end of the farm season (typically early October). Given the challenging nature of farm work and the delicate nature of baby plants, all volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. All volunteers must sign a waiver to volunteer at the farm.. We recommend you wear long sleeves and pants for protection as well as sturdy shoes and work gloves.  Also consider bringing sunscreen, water bottle, a large-brimmed hat,  and snacks. We work hard so be prepared!  Please leave your pets at home. Let us know if you plan on coming! info@twobearfarm.com

Visitor Policy:

Given our heavy workload and limited personnel, we can not accept visitors or volunteers at random or unannounced times.  Farming is production work, and random visits are a huge distraction for us that often force us to work extra hours to make up for the lost production time.  If you want to visit the farm, please come see us at the times mentioned above so that we can give you the attention you deserve.  If you show up randomly on other days, you will be politely turned away.  We look forward to visiting with you!