Hello CSA members!

Well, so much for an early spring! Out here at the farm we’ve had 50 mile per hour wind gusts all night, and the snow is blowing horizontally to the west. It was nice to wake up this morning and see that all our our high tunnels (with their hard end walls) were still upright and intact! So, since no one is probably venturing outside much today, it would be a great opportunity to sign up for your CSA share for 2020. One reason I’m reaching out, is because the early bird discount ends tomorrow evening. Also, thinking about all the fresh nutritious food you and your families will enjoy this summer is way more fulfilling than checking your 401k balance or fighting people over toilet paper in town. Just head on over to twobearfarm.com to sign up.

Not to make light of Covid 19, but here at the farm we are proceeding with things as planned. In the world of sustainability and community-building, the word resiliency is often stated as a goal. But that word has never seemed to resonate or have much traction with people. When life is fast-paced, the economy is booming, and convenience and freedom of movement are everywhere, we don’t think much about what “resilient” means. But many of us realize our society is more fragile than we like to think, and that someday there would be a disruption, in one form or another, that makes us realize this. And so here is coronavirus. It’s not the first disruption we’ve faced, and it certainly will not be the last. But, boy, is it disruptive! Life as we know it changed fast….no sports, no schools, concerns about the health of our most vulnerable, and financial worries to boot. We’re having to learn new ways to cope with this reality.

Some farms around the country are closing down and self-quarantining out of precaution, others are taking more safety precautions but continuing to operate because they believe that fresh, nutritious food is more important now than ever. While I don’t judge either choice, here at our farm we are going with the latter approach for now. We will grow a lot of food this summer. And we will get it out to our community. I hope that will be through our normal avenues of sales. Or maybe we’ll have to get creative and find new ways of distribution. But we are passionate about people having access to nutritious food, and so that won’t change in the face of coronavirus. In time this will pass, hopefully sooner rather than later.

So, take care of yourselves and your families out there, and keep safe. And don’t forget your sense of humor.