Full Share: Salad Mix, Mustard Greens, Carrots, Radishes, Spring Onions, Baby Beets w/ Greens, Butterhead lettuce, and Broccoli

Partial Share: Salad Mix, Carrots, Spring Onions, Swiss Chard, and Broccoli

Hello CSA members!

I had no idea Tropical Storm Cristobal was going to make landfall on the farm this past weekend! We’ve had close to 2 inches of rain, which is a lot especially when the forecast was calling for showers. On the bright side, the cover crops and pastures are soaking up all that water and looking great. On the down side, all the weeds we wanted to tackle this week are also soaking up the water and looking robust. All in due time, I suppose. Last week we managed to get all the winter squash planted, as well as the beans, eggplant, and peppers. Today’s harvest was muddy and slow, but we managed to start in on getting the basil planted in a high tunnel as well. It’s been a real moody June weather-wise so far, and there is allegedly a chance of frost tonight. Here’s hoping the clouds don’t clear off too early.

We’re happy to report that the first carrots of the season are ready! These suckers were planted way back in the end of February in a high tunnel when there was still about a foot of snow on the ground. The things we’ll do to get our customers carrots 🙂 The first broccoli and broccolini are also starting, so you’ll be getting a small portion of those. And while the voles ate the entire first succession of beets, we have been thinning the second succession, so Full shares will be getting some small beets with some delicious beet tops. All the crops are looking good at this point, aside from some serious weed pressure. Oh wait, did I already mention the weeds?

One big change this week is that the Whitefish Downtown Farmer’s Market is starting!! It runs from 5 to 7:30pm, and so you can come get your CSA share anytime within the 2 1/2 hour time period. Here is the map of vendors for the month of June (until road construction is finished):

As you can see, we will be parked on Railroad Street in spot 8, somewhere in the vicinity of Spotted Bear Spirits, I’m guessing. Our market tent will be out front in the street, and the truck will be backed in with the rear door facing the sidewalk. Our plan is to deliver the shares out of the back of the truck per usual, but I’m not sure what the traffic flow will look like, so please practice patience and social distancing as much as possible. The construction on Central is slated to be completed by late June, at which point we will revert to our usual spot.

As for recipes and food storage tips this week….you definitely do not want to just shove your carrots into the fridge as is, or they will be limp in two days. Instead, tear the tops off, and put the carrots in a tupperware or plastic bag with a little water in it and seal it up. This way they will last for months. Also, the mustard greens in the full shares go great in wraps, on sandwiches and burgers, or in your salad. And if you’re thinking you might need an idea for beet greens, I’ll do you 14 better…And for the partial shares and your Swiss Chard? I’m going to send you back to Dishing up the Dirt for some great ideas… including this garlicky chick pea and swiss chard stir fry.

Well, it’s time to dry out a bit and gear up for the first Whitefish Market tomorrow….we’ll see you all at CSA pickup!