Full Shares: Salad mix, Arugula, Carrots, Radishes, Green Onions, Kale bunch, Butterhead lettuce, Broccoli, and kohlrabi

Partial Shares: Butterhead lettuce, Green onions, carrots, kale bunch, Broccoli, radish, and kohlrabi

Hello CSA members!

Phew…I think I hit an emotional wall today. I’m throwing in the towel. Punting on third down. Enough is enough. Actually no, I’m not talking about the farm. In fact, as stressful as it can be making a living working in a natural system…yep, that system that has incessant wind and seemingly weekly severe thunderstorms…it’s interesting that the farm is actually my biggest source of grounding and fulfillment. It’s the world outside of the farm that just seems to be too much at the moment. I think I hit information overload….way too much uncertainty, greed, polarization, misinformation, and lack of respect. Maybe it’s just my mold toxicity flaring up from the old farm house. Regarless, it’s time to shut off the news, ignore emails and special requests, and go out in the field and put in hard work. It’s cathartic in a weird yet simple sort of way. Hilling potatoes tonight at 7pm…why not? The farm helps to shrink the world right down to a very practical and tangible existence. Are the weeds stressing you out? Well, prioritize weeding and voila!…problem solved and you feel better. And as frustrated as one can get with humanity and our issues, it feels good to realize that there is way more in the world than just us humans, and the act of striving to be a good land steward puts one in contact with the rest of nature. And when I think about, even back to an early age, I have always felt most comfortable and at home when I was outside in nature. What’s my point? No idea! Other than today I am at a loss for inspirational chatter, and I think we could all benefit from a healthy dose of the great outdoors.

Now that the spring crops have all been harvested out of the High Tunnels, and enough time has passed with decent weather, the crops in the field are really starting to take off. Broccoli is coming into it’s prime season. The cauliflower is starting to to head up. There are collard greens the size of an elephant’s ear out there! And the kohlrabi is ready. Yep, the lowly kohlrabi…. a crop we never grew until two years ago, but one that was amazingly well embraced by our customers. Again, I’ll refer to Dishing up the Dirt on this one. How about fried kohlrabi chips? Kohlrabi fritters? Or a carrot and kohlrabi slaw…skip the tuna if you want.

Thank you all for supporting local agriculture, and our farm more specifically. We really do appreciate it…we couldn’t farm without your support. We’ll see you at CSA pickup!