Full Share: Broccoli, Salad mix, Zucchinis, Cucumbers, Basil, Sungold Tomatoes, Carrots, and Spring Onions

Partial Share: Sungold Tomatoes, Broccoli, Zucchinis, Cucumbers, Salad Mix, and Basil

Hello CSA members!

Well, that was a hot week! The National Weather Service put out a heat advisory that said we should stay inside in an air conditioned room. stay out of direct sun light, and drink lots of water. Obviously they never farmed. So, like any good farmers in late July, we harvested produce in the mornings, and harvested this years garlic crop (around 14,000 bulbs this year) in the afternoons. And we drank lots of water. We also moved a whole lot of irrigation pipe to keep everything looking perky and to help germinating seeds survive the intense conditions.

Just a couple of weeks of curing/drying, and they’ll be ready for CSA!

This heat sure kicked the high tunnel production into overdrive. The high tunnel of cucumbers is producing about 700 cucumbers every other day! And the plants have hit the top of their 6 foot trellis wire and are now growing back down to the ground.

The summer squash also need to be picked every day otherwise they get too big. And we’re happy to say that the Sungold tomato plants are loaded with orange fruit this week.

These plants are also all now over 6 feet tall, and the bottom fruits are ripening first. We’ll pick them all first thing in the morning, and so you will be getting them as fresh as possible.

Even though it was really hot last week, it wasn’t hot for very long, which means the later successions of brassicas are still holding on. We had a beautiful crop of broccoli come in, and so we’re adding a head to all the shares. Eating lunch on a hot day calls for something refreshing, and currently that is sliced cucumbers, sungold tomatoes, and basil mixed with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a scoop of vegenaise. And a pinch of sea salt, of course.

Well, it’s hot as all get out up in my office, and I need to go cool off and and get ready for another early morning harvest. We’ll see you at CSA pickup!