Hello CSA members!

That was a nice dose of spring this week! I would love nothing more than an early spring to allow us to catch up on farm projects that were delayed by last years early winter. There’s just never enough time…..

I can tell already that this season is going to be crazy. I would argue that the Flathead Valley was already lacking in farmers, and the Covid pandemic only increased demand for local foods. I’ve heard estimates of upwards of 30,000 people moved to the valley last year?! While that might be a great opportunity for new farmers and businesses, it certainly puts a strain on existing farms and resources (and a lot of other things) until we can catchup.

As evidence of this increase in demand, our CSA for 2021 is now sold out. I know, it’s true. There are 5 spots left for Glacier folks, but other than that all the other drop off locations are closed at this point in time. If you happened to miss out, there is one silver lining, and that is the fact that we are opening The Farmers’ Stand storefront in Whitefish this summer, which will provide many of you with the same quality and access to our food as a CSA did, with better convenience to boot!

It is our hope that we can use the storefront to promote more local production of nutritious food, so that we can balance supply and demand better in hopes of feeding more of our community with local production.

I am a bit late on this next announcement, but the Free the Seeds virtual event (which began yesterday) continues today and tomorrow. At 1pm this afternoon (Sunday), I will be giving a talk on Soil Health with some short videos with farm footage, for anyone who is interested. Simply click on the link below, and you can instantaneously register for the zoom webinar.

Sunday, March 7

Monday, March 8

Lastly, as we continue to buy in supplies for the 2021 growing season, we have a quick Survey Monkey poll regarding plastic bags. It’s only 3 questions, and will take no more than 30 seconds, but we’d be curious to get your feedback so that we can serve you better. Click here to take the survey

Well, that’s all I have at the moment. We’ll be in touch again soon!