Hello CSA members!

I hope this newsletter finds you all well!  I am optimistic this is going to be a great year! At least in my head.  The state of the world weighed heavy on me last year, as I’m sure it did for many of you, and so this year I am taking a new and more active role in nurturing a healthy mindset.  First, lots of stoicism.  Deal with the things I can control, and stop desiring to change the things that I cannot.  Second, focus on the present.  Look at each day as a new beginning in which to work towards my goals, and take the time to seek enjoyment or fulfillment in that day.  This is the year I take it one day at a time.

The state of the world continues to weigh heavy, and I don’t imagine, from my own perspective and world view, that 2022 will be any more uplifting than 2021.  But I have realized that I can no longer let the state of the world dictate the state of my mind.  So, it’s time to take personal responsibility and begin to nurture the things that bring me joy, and weed out the things that bring me stress.   For me, a lot of this comes down to being able turn my focus back on to the act of farming.  Making the time to do the important things, and having ample time to do them right.  And being present in each task, rather than having my mind worrying about something elsewhere.  And being proactive is supporting healthy outcomes, whether that’s crew management or customer service. Easier said than done, but that is the intention I am setting for myself this season, and by putting in the newsletter, you can all help me stick to it!

As in many aspects of life, there is much to be discouraged about in the farm and food world, but there is also much to be encouraged about as well.   Where we choose to focus our attention and energy makes a huge difference.  And that is our choice.  2022 is the year that I think we all need to realize we hold the keys to our own happiness, and that key is where we choose (consciously or subconsciously) to put our attention and whether that sets us up for joy or anxiety and stress.  For me, no more news and no more scrolling.

“You will harvest what you plant. So plant intentionally. Plant good habits, good values, good work, and good decisions…..You decide.” …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Dave Ramsey

This winter I would like to do more writing, and present to you some perspectives on farming in this country.  I think as a society we have lost touch with the reality of farming as it exists today, and that disconnect prevents us from better understanding important issues that affect our daily lives, such as why the agricultural landscape looks the way it does. Not to mention, I find it a rather fascinating topic.  It is not by accident that our food system has become opaque.  Through marketing and narratives, we have been fed a nostalgic notion of what farming is, and while it’s not entirely wrong, it also intentionally ignores some very important challenges that farmers face in our country, and have long faced..  So, I hope it’s a topic you will find informative. And I promise I won’t rant or make it depressing 🙂

The point of this newsletter is simply to kick off the 2022 season, wish you all a Happy New Year, and give you a heads up to be on the look out for a newsletter series on farming that I will be posting over the next couple of weeks.  I should also mention that I was happy to see some of my favorite CSA members who weren’t with us last season rejoin for this year…I look forward to reconnecting with everyone!  And on the note of CSA, if you happened to select “pay by check” when you signed up this year, please remember to send in a payment ASAP.  Our software will not accept your membership and reserve your spot in the CSA without a payment received.  So, just a friendly reminder.  Also, at this point, we have sold 161 of the 250 shares available.  If you are still pondering whether or not to sign up, I cannot predict when we will sell out, so I’m just providing you those numbers for reference.  

I hope you all enjoy your winter, and we’ll talk soon.   Onward!