Hello Everyone!

What started as a small idea 7 years ago has blossomed into a much anticipated community event! And this is the week! The Stock Up Sale is wonderful in many ways. It provides our community members an opportunity to stock up on bulk veggies to feed them into fall and winter. It also serves as a harvest celebration where many folks gather at the farm in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy each others company, good food, and music; and it serves as a capstone experience for the farm crew long season where they really get to see what “community” and the power of local organic food is all about.

The event is on this Thursday, October 6th, from 4pm until dark (around 7:30ish).

This year we will again have Forage Catering on-site with their food truck serving farm-fresh dinners (for purchase)

Rebecca’s music teacher, Christian Johnson form the North Valley Music School (and former member of the Mission Mountain Wood Band), has kindly agreed to bring the Christian Johnson Project to play music for us!

The layout will be similar to past years. Two Bear Farm will be selling garlic, onions and winter squash in the greenhouse, and all the other veggies (carrots, potatoes, salad mix, etc) in the pack shed.

Harlequin Produce will be in the front area (what is on a typical day our parking lot) again with their delicious peppers and will be roasting chillies on site. They will also have winter squash, onions, cauliflower, and cabbage for sale.

Sun Hands Farm will be selling multiple varieties of delicious mushrooms

And we are hoping to get North Shore Farm to come along with a lot of pumpkins to load you up for Halloween.

If you are planning to attend this year, I have a few tips for ensuring an enjoyable time. And feel free to share this with others

Tips for success:

  1. Most importantly, bring a good attitude! This is a relaxed, slow-food, family friendly type of celebration. Yes, there are long lines to shop in the greenhouse and pack shed, but take that wait time to enjoy the weather (the forecast looks amazing!), chat with your neighbors, or enjoy a refreshment. There is beer and wine available by donation, so you can take a cup into line with you. If you are in a rush to zip in and zip out, or if you do not like a crowd, this is probably not a good event for you.
  2. The event usually starts fast, and most people show up in the first hour (between 4 and 5pm) to get first crack at the veggies. If you are looking to avoid the long lines and parking, you could plan to arrive a bit later. I’ve heard some people say they’ve turned around when they saw the line of cars entering the driveway, but the parking goes fast, and that line is usually just there for the initial rush. Also, there is no early shopping, so if you arrive before 4pm, you’ll just have to stand around and wait.
  3. Please do not bring any pets.
  4. Bring adequate bags, and maybe even wagons or carts, if you are really planning on stocking up. We will have members of our team available with golf carts to help shuttle you and your goods back to your vehicle.
  5. The process will be the same for checking out. You will do all your shopping at all the vendors, and they will record your purchases on a note card. When you are ready to pay, you will bring all your cards up to the check out tent, and pay a single time. We will take cash, check or credit card for payment. I recommend doing your shopping, paying, bringing your food to the car, and then walking back to enjoy the ambiance, music, food, and drink.

I hope this helps clarify what the Stock Up Sale is, and we hope to see you there!